Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tagged into action

Well, I've been tagged twice so I suppose I'd better do one of these. Yes, y'all know how MUCH I love surveys! LOL

1. A year out from marriage

2. Planning our wedding

3. Going to school for theater (and even showing up for class, occasionally)

4. Working at Buck Owen's Crystal Palace - which takes guts when you can't stand most country music!

5. Spending way too much time doing theater!

1. Go to sleep, soon!

2. Wake up and wander the trade show floor at LDI

3. Meet Cherylle & the kids for lunch and wander around Vegas some more

4. Drop the kids off with Cherylle's parents in the adjoining room


1. Buy a big house with a good home theater and plenty of storage for my bikes

2. Buy a new Chevy Volt

3. Start my own sweet little theater that only did shows I like

4. Buy a '64 Stingray

5. Invest the rest while stocks are on sale!

1. Lindsay, CA

2. Porterville, CA

3. Angwin, CA (Napa Valley-ish)

4. Bakersfield, CA (gotta love that central valley!)

5. Santa Clarita, CA

1. Lots of fast food - Taco Bell, McDonalds, Carls Jr.

2. Several restaurants too - City Lights, Sharkey's, Goose Loonies

3. Oh, and Restaurant Runner - which killed my car after a week!

4. Party Lighting guy - celeb parties & weddings, corporate gigs, etc...

5. And briefly, while in college, Waste Water Reclamation Facility Technician!!

I'm tagging Charlene, Charmaine, Sheri & Cat!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fun Saturday!

I'm heading to bed and way too lazy to type much, but I've got some pics finally! We hit two events this Saturday, with varying levels of success. First, we drove a few hours east to an apple orchard in the hills called "Riley's Farm" where the Orange County chapter was supposed to meet and pick apples. We got there late, of course, and while we saw a few we recognized who were picking in the orchard while we were riding the hayride up the hill to the main barn, we never managed to connect with the official group. On the other hand, we did meet a really great family from the Bakersfield area, which really surprised us since we didn't actually know for sure that there were any of the LPA in Bakersfield - we're up there once or twice a month to visit the in-laws anyway, might as well stop by!

Next, we drove down to San Diego to meet up with Ellen, Stuart, and little Justin for Justin's 3rd birthday party. Traffic was bad on the way down, and we were way late for the swim party, but the pizza at Round Table was great, as was all the company. April and AJ were there, of course, since AJ and Justin are as thick as thieves, as was Jane and Jake, a new mom who's name I didn't catch but who had a little cutie named Audrey, and a few other kids I didn't know and was too deaf to catch the names of :-)

Since I don't have the stamina to type any more, here are some pics which can speak for themselves. The first is from the apple orchard, the rest are from the birthday party.

Friday, October 3, 2008


So two things came out of our appointment with Dr. Tiller today. The first is that he believes Caitlin is still doing well - her Kyphosis appears to be receding, her muscle tone looks good, and her height (25.5 inches) and weight (18lbs 6oz) are very appropriate for her age. The second is that he is VERY resistant to our requests for baseline testing that according to the "Health Supervision for Children with Achondroplasia" should be done as soon after birth as possible. We did manage to squeeze a referral to an Ortho specialist so she can get PT and to an ENT who will evaluate her breathing, but no more as of yet.

We are so frustrated right now that it'll take much longer to write the complete blog about it. Suffice it to say that I've got another reason to make the new job work - different insurance coverage. CalArts offers coverage through Blue Cross, and as I just qualified for benefits last week I've signed up for employee + one dependant coverage in Caitlin's name. Cedars Sinai is on the providers list for Blue Cross, and I'm hoping that they'll be less reluctant to refer to themselves.

Well, I'm off to a late night gig. Post more later!