Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

So, last weekend was Caitlin's third birthday party! Yes, I know, a lot has happened since my last post, but if I get into all that here I'll never get this post done, and I'll never get back into the habit of blogging again. A bit extreme? Perhaps, but probably true anyway :-)

Anyway, our little Caitlin pulled herself right past her third birthday - she's even replaced her cute little habit of holding up two fingers and stating "I'm Two!" with holding up three(-ish) fingers and saying "I'm free now! We had a big shindig in our new backyard, complete with bounce house, Cinderella cake, and takeout from Vallarta. Lots of her friends came - neighbors, friends from Early Start and Town & Country Farm School, local LP friends the Thompsons and Caitlin's favorite babysitter Ariel & family, and POLP friends the Cortez's from Oxnard, the Dinos from Arcadia, and the Moskovic/Erenea family all the way from San Diego!

It really was a blast to see everybody - our life has been so busy lately that we've really missed spending time with friends, and since we missed the national conference this year we've really missed our LPA family. We're working on plans for the D12 fall regional conference, though - we're really looking forward to seeing everybody there!

I tried to upload like 16 pictures for this post from Picasa, but i obviously haven't figured out how to do that correctly yet. Still, though, here are some pictures of Caitlin over the last three years - she's changed so much!!

Stay tuned - I don't have many pictures from this weekend (too busy doing the party, and not enough taking pics!) but I'll post a few tomorrow that pare' Stuart took from Sunday morning with Caitlin and Justin goofing around. See you then!




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