Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Caitlin's first, long awaited haircut!

Somehow Caitlin managed to get to be three and a half before we finally felt it necessary to get her hair cut.I'm sure it's at least partly just an attempt to deny that she's growing up, but it's even more a result of the fact that she looked so darned cute with her hair hanging down to her butt. Sucked for daddy trying to get her ready in the mornings tho, since I'm not really adequately trained to handle pretty little girl pigtails :-)

Anyway, we decided that we should finally get it cut before the holidays, and since both parents were off work and could be there it was the perfect time. Caitlin was really all for this plan until she actually got in the chair to have her hair cut, but when we explained that it would make it easier for other people to see her earrings she was back on board.

The place, Cool Cuts for Kids in Bakersfield, was a load of fun fire both kids, with loads of movies and video games for them to play. Caitlin even tried playing a snowboarding game while she was waiting, and was almost doing better than her mommy at it :-)

One of the nice things about waiting so long for her first cut, tho, was that there was plenty of hair to save from it for the baby book!
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